Anytime anywhere

Run2gather allows you to perform running, walking, mountain running and cycling activities/races anytime and anywhere.

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Beyond the boundaries, let running increase driving force

Break time zone restrictions

Anytime, anywhere, you can run with runners from all over the world.

Win beautiful medals

Every time there is a chance to win beautiful customized medals, increase running motivation.

Exercise wite friends all over the world

Participate in online competitions with friends and share the joy of running together.

Various activities


Physical / Virtual Run

Provide one-stop service, from registration to on-site or online timing system.

Trail Running

Physical / Virtual Trail Challenge

Challenge different trails and enjoy the beauty of nature.


Physical / Virtual Cycle

Break through the boundaries of location and sprint online with all your strength.


Physical / Virtual Walk

Count the number of steps and lead a healthy life.


Virtual exercise challenges

Smart fitness trackers allow you to engage workouts anytime, anywhere, even at home!


Enhance virtual/physical events by incorporating additional missions.

Add excitement to the race by incorporating other activities such as walking and trail running, creating a hybrid experience.

Treasure hunt

Follow hints and clues to find hidden treasures

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, upon finding the treasure, additional information can be instantly provided.

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Experience various activities above

We possess extensive experience and offer flexible solutions. Contact us for further information.

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Cumulative Distance

Let you run, walk, mountain run and cycling activities/races anytime, anywhere. You can choose your favorite location, speed, and time for the activity/competition.


Cumulative Distance


Cumulative around the Earth

Cooperative charity

We can provide flexible solutions for charities, organizing online or offline activities in one stop. Design and production of event graphic patterns, medals and event clothing, organize event competitions, provide registration system and payment platform. It can also provide event donations and fundraising services. Please contact us now and let us add splendor to your event.

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Run2gather has cooperated with different charities to organize events, providing flexible solutions so that organizations can successfully launch events with low risk and low cost.

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Major customers and sponsors

We provide effective and promotional activities for corporate groups. Through the activities we organize, we can improve the healthy and positive image of the company, and we can also design different forms of activities for the target customer group. We can also provide customized or in-house exclusive activities to meet the needs of enterprises. Please feel free to contact us to inquire about the event plan.

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Run2gather, which provides activity programs for different organizations, is flexible and reliable and has significant effects.

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Incubation Program

Current Incubatee

Current Incubatee

Market Recognition

2020 Cyberport Creative Micro Fund
2021 Cyberport INCUBATION programmes
2022 香港中小企創新大獎
(服務創新組別銅獎 / 網上投票我最喜愛服務創新大獎)
2023 新城電台 (優越運動資訊及綜合平台)
2019 鹏程中小企青年创意创业奖
2020 中小企堅強大獎 ( 堅強市場策劃 銀獎 )
2022 Asia Best E-Tailing Awards
2020 中國創新創業大獎港澳台賽 – 互聯網與軟件訊息產業成長企業三等獎
2021 最具創意運動線上平台獎