1. Confirmation and Acceptance of Terms and Conditions.

We, Run2Gather, are the information and services provider. “We”, “our services”, “Website” or “Run2Gather” means our website, mobile applications (hereinafter called “Apps”), any connected services partners including but not limited to our courier services companies, appointed online stores, distributors and resellers, sponsors, affiliates, directors, shareholders, advertisers, consultancy service agents, and developers of our website and mobile Apps. “User” means any people who use any information or services of Run2Gather. When User use any information or services of Run2Gather, it implied User understood and accepted all the terms & conditions, notice, and any other agreement between User (herein aftercall “Terms of Use”). User shall also comply any updated “Terms of Use” that would be updated via the website from time to time.

Please leave this website and stop using Run2Gather if you do not agree or accept the “Terms of Use”. We shall provide no responsibility or liability for our information and services.

We also reserve the right to revise, update or change the Terms of Use at any time without notice. You acknowledged and agreed that it is User’s responsibility to get the updated Terms of Use from time to time in the Website.

You hereby declare that you participate in "Run2gather" and all related activities ("Activities"), that you are willing to abide by the provisions and rules set by Run2gather and its agents (collectively referred to as "Organiser"), and agree to the following point:

(1) You are voluntarily participating in the activities organized by this website and are willing to bear your own unexpected risks and responsibilities, and within the scope permitted by law, you have no right to report to the organiser, sponsors and support organizations (including but not limited to Run2gather, coaches, Employees, persons directly or indirectly related to the event, staff or organizations), to recover any form of compensation for your own accidents, deaths or losses of any kind that occurred during training, on the way to and from the event venue, or during the event, and legal liability.

(2) You declare that you are healthy and capable of participating in the activities held on this website, and confirmed by a medical practitioner that your fitness is suitable for participating in the activity.

(3) You agree and accept all discretionary rights of the "organiser" for the event; if there is any dispute, you also agree and accept that the "organiser" has all rights to elaborate on this "statement".

(4) You understand that all entry fees are not refundable, and at the same time, the paid race qualifications cannot be transferred to other races currently being held or to be held in the future.

2. Service Scope

Run2Gather provides running information and services including but not limited to race events and campaigns, training module and programs, sales of products, membership programs. Users are required to provide himself/ herself any required equipment, such as computer or mobile phone, and all relevant internet or mobile access fee that may incurred when using our website and services.

We reserve our discretion right to change, suspend or close our website or services without prior notice, and we shall have no liability to any other parties on this right. This right also apply to any update, services enhancement, maintenance, and new functions and features of our services.

3. Personal Data and Privacy

User is required to provide us your personal information and data (herein after called “Personal Data”) for registering an account in our Website or mobile Apps before using our services. User undertakes to provide us the true and accurate Personal Data and to update us your Personal Data upon request from time to time.

User hereby authorize Run2gather to use or transfer your Personal Data to third parties, while all the Personal Data is protected and bind by our Privacy Policy. (Detail please refer to our Privacy Policy and Statement).

4. User Conduct in our Website

User shall comply with all the applicable regulations and laws (both Hong Kong SAR Law, the Law of User’s country of origin, and the Law of the location where User send or upload the message), and responsible for the content posted in our Website. By any means of communications in our Website, including but not limited to chat rooms, message boards, newsgroups, or any interactive services, User cannot upload, post, distribute, promote or share any content in the format of text, icon, graphics, images, sound, video, data, software, or any format of the following:

i) illegal, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, deceptive, fraudulent, infringing on the privacy of others, infringing, including descriptive or graphic depiction or sexual activity (including but not limited to violence or threatening language directed at another person or A group of people), or violate our rules or policies,

ii) harms, harasses, blinks, or intimidates of an individual or a group of religious, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, or disability people;

iii) infringed of any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, promotional idea or franchised rights;

iv) unauthorized or unsolicited advertisements, trash or junk-mail (also known as "spam mail"), chain letters, any other form of unauthorized solicitation, or any form of lottery or gambling;

v) data, virus, computer code, programs, documents or any tools that would damage or intends to damage or decrease the performance any software, hardware and communication function, and obtain or intends to obtain any unauthorized data and information from our Website or mobile Apps.

vi) counterfeit identify, or to pass oneself off as others or other organizations;

Run2Gather does not endorse nor responsible for any information uploaded or posted by any third parties. We will not preview, censor, monitor, edit nor verify the content or materials of chat rooms, message boards, newsgroups, or any interactive services that posted or uploaded by Users. We reserve our discretion for our staff or dedicated agent to delete any content without prior notice nor any compensation. User hereby agreed and accepted our discretion of such deletion of content, non-compensation, and any latency for such deletion.

User agree and accept Run2Gather has the right to suspend or terminate User’s services, membership or registered account any time, without any prior. User further agree to fully cooperate with governmental departments of criminal investigations, crime prevention and network security investigations.

5. Third party websites and information

Our Website may provide hyperlink of other websites or quote outside information somewhere else in form of text, files, software, graphics, audio and video information (herein aftercall “Outside Materials”). User agree and accept the Run2Gather shall have no control to these Outside Materials, and Run2Gather shall have no liability to the truth, accuracy, copyright, compliance, legitimacy, errors and omissions of the Outside Materials. These Outside Materials is for easy reference only, and Run2Gather denies any endorsement, assurance nor warranty to these Outside Materials, and we further deny any connection, business associates nor affiliates with the sources of Outside Materials.

6. Intellectual Property Right

Any information, text, message, data, communication, software, photo, graphic, icon, sound track, video and any other materials that User can be obtained from our Website herein-aftercall “Content”. Content also including but not limited to the information in our chat rooms, message boards, newsgroups, or any interactive services.

Upon accepting the Terms of Use, User agreed and warranted that the uploaded or posted content in our Website comply the law of copyrights, trademarks, patents or other proprietary rights, and Run2Gather has the intellectual property right of the Content. Except personal uses, Users is not allowed to copy, modify, republish, upload, post, distribute, or make a copy of any Content without our prior written consent. Any unauthorized use of Content may infringe intellectual property right; we reserve all rights for remedy and all relevant legal cost incurred.

Run2Gather reserves all rights for the design, layout, graphics, icons, logo, trademarks and services names.

7. Authorization Use of Provided Materials

All the material or information that User send, post or upload by to Run2Gather by any means will be understood as non-confidential and non-proprietary materials. User also grant all rights to Run2gather or its appointed agents to use, reproduce, distribute, display, perform, publish, translate, adapt, or modify these provided materials anywhere and in any form, and in any current or unknown future media.

Save and except with the written consent of both parties, User shall not send, provide, upload any confidential or proprietary material to us in any circumstance.

8. Indemnity

User agree to hold Run2Gather harmless in legal liability and warrant to indemnify us all the claims and legal cost for any dispute arising from User’s misuse or abuse of our Services or Content. We also the right to defense or confine the liability for any claims or legal dispute; User hereby warrant that will provide genuine cooperation for such defense.

9. Security and password

Run2Gather will provide a password for any registered account to enter and use our Services. It is User’s responsibility to secure the password. Upon User’s request, we will provide another account access or new password to User via provided contact information including but not limited to email or mobile number, while Run2gather has no liability on the security of such internet or mobile network. Run2gather will use its best endeavor to store and protect Users data and information, and we will comply the Law of Hong Kong SAR Chapter 486 (Personal Data and Privacy Ordinance) in collection, handling and storage of Personal Data and Privacy. Detail please refer to our Privacy Statement.

10. Promotion Participation

Run2gather may advertise or provide promotion from time to time, and some promotion may be provided by non-Run2Gather company or agent (herein-after call “Third Party”). When Users use our Services or enter our website, User agreed and accepted to participate in these promotion activities. Run2Gather has no liability, responsibility, obligation for any Third Party promotion, and it is User’s own discretion in participating of promotion.

11. Communications.

Run2Gather may use automated services or screening technology to protect us from the junk mails (also known as "spam" mail) or the information that is not designated for our purpose. However, we are liable nor responsible for any consequent of such blocking or screening out email or message caused by these automated services or screening technology.

12. International Use

Run2Gather does not warrant our services can be used or applicable to all countries, except for those dedicated area including but not limited to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, and countries to be specified later. It is User’s responsibility to comply the local law, and Run2Gather shall have no obligation in worldwide legal compliance.

13. Termination of Use

Run2Gather reserves the right to suspend or terminate User’s part or all the Services in our discretion at any time, including but not limited to the violation of Terms of Use. Any illegal acts or fraudulent conduct is prohibited in Run2Gather, and we will report these case to relevant legal enforcement authorities.

14. Applicable law and Place of Jurisdiction

Policy, Terms of Use and operation of Run2Gather complies to the Law of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and Hong Kong will be the place of Jurisdiction for any legal dispute.

15. Notification

Please contact Run2gather through the email box: info@run2gather.comRun2Gather will serve User personal notification through email or mailing, while we may use User’s submitted email or contact information for notification, or we may serve notification through our website.

16. Entire Understanding

The Terms of Use and policy of Run2Gather constitute the entire agreement and arrangements with us, and they supersede all other understandings and communications. User cannot change, amend nor modify the Term of Use and our policy. Save and Except the mutual written consent, the Services will be void and forfeited in case of any alternation or change of Terms of Use. The Terms of Use will supersede any deviation of operation in case and use as the final interpretation.

17. Others

A) User’s litigation or legal claim towards Run2gather must be filed within ONE calendar year of the incident; otherwise, the right of claim will be deemed as forfeited and give up forever.

B) User cannot transfer any obligation, liability or responsibility stated in the Terms of Use to any other party.

C) User cannot sell, resell, copy, or use any part of our Websites for any commercial purposes.

D) Force Majeure
Except mandated by Law, Run2Gather is not liable for any failure or delay of provision of services in any case that beyond our control or unforeseeable event including but not limited to strike, war, fire, accident, disaster, embargo, bad weather, transportation failure, government actions.

E) In case any part of The Terms of Use become invalid or unenforceable, that part should be interpreted or delivered as its original intends in a lawfully manner, and the remaining part of the Terms of Use shall be remaining valid and fully enforce; and the right of Run2Gather remain valid and the right of the Terms of Use shall not constitute a waiver.

F) Please contact us if you have any query on the Terms of Use via email: info@run2gather.com